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I'm 1700% a internet freak

Sat Mar 21, 2015, 6:43 PM
Le stole from :iconyoshimister:

How much of a nerd are you?

[X] You have a Fursona. (Yosh-ona actually)
[X] You let yourself die in a RP.
[X] You have a main OC.
[] You shipped yourself with someone in Real Life. 
[X] You like furries. 
Total: 4 Points.

[X] Can you write/speak/understand english fluently?
[X] You have talked with someone the other language and responded in english. 
[X] You would find it really depressing, if someone would take away your handy/laptop/DS for one day. 
[X] You have more friends online then in real life. (Waaay more)
[X] You would totally meet with your internet friends in real life, if you had the chance.
Total: 9 Points.

[X] You think THIS HERE is screaming.
[X] You hitted the keyboard with your head one time.
[X] You punched the keyboard.
[X] You make faces when you draw or type.
[X] You type with five or more fingers.
Total: 14 Points.

[] You puked one time in because of a RP.
[X] You've got a nosebleed of a RP.
[] You ship two of your Real Life friends.
[] You ship two of your internet friends. 
[] You wrote an actual story of you and your friends - real life and/or internet.
Total: 15 Points.

[X] You think that any unatural colour on a OC looks good.
[X] You don't have a problem with animal OCs that can stand and walk on two feet.
[X] You use sentences like yolo, lol or get rekt pretty often.
[X] You like memes.
[X] Your one of your friends knows what a meme is only in because of you.
Total: 20 Points.

[X] You mostly spent time with your PC.

[] You like shooter.
[X] You always watch Youtube.
[X] You spent over 2 hours on your PC.
[] You used a meme on a picture of yours.
Total: 23 Points.

[] You did an ask and dare.
[X] You have weird fantasies.
[X] You have weird mind. 
[X] You think about food way too often.
[X] You worry way too often.
Total: 27 Points.

[] You drew yourself one time, and made it ugly on purpose. 
[X] You made an OC for one of your friends.
[] You had RPs in real life.
[X] You own skype. (add me: smb64ds)
[X] You own facebook. (rarely use it, don't ask for it)
Total: 30 Points.

[] You own whatsapp or however you spell it. 
[X] You own a handy.  
[X] You own more than one platformer.  (at least 10)
[X] You have the feeling that one person in the internet really hates you. 
[X] You have the feeling that one person in internet is in love with you. 
Total: 34 Points.

Now multiply your total points by 50 and write the "I'm ___% a internet freak" in the title. 

  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Comments/Stories on here, FA, Aryion, SF, & Weasyl
  • Watching: Direwolf20's SP, FC
  • Playing: Pokemon OR & Pokemon AS, SpaceStation 13
  • Eating: YOU!!! *Vores Readers* URRP!!! oh, excuse me :3
  • Drinking: Sprite (or whatever brand this lemon-lime soda is)


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Minecraft skin: {same as Sethbling's [Mario]}

here's a list of the people I've currently got on my 3DS Friend Code list: 3DS Friend Codes ListAfter who-knows-how-long, I'm finally making a list in this journal of all the people who I have on 3ds with their current Mii's name. the reason why is so that I know who I've already added and for you to know if I've added you. So, when you see this Journal, please put your Mii's name in a comment below so I can tell who's who. Also if you want me to add you, please say your Friend Code and Mii Name.... and add me to your 3ds (my name is both in my signature and on my DeviantID.
For any of the dA names that have "{not known}", Please mention in the comments if it's you or if you know who's it is.
 ▼Mii Name▼                                                 ▼Username/who it is▼
• Sanna T -------------------------------------------- RUinc 
• Charles --------------------------------------- negativewarrior
• Flurr ---

I update it when someone trades codes with me, so make sure to add me and tell me your code & mii-name so I can add you to the list! <3

if you wanna do an RolePlay, here are my preferences!
I'll always use my OC Koshi:

It's-a me, Mario!

My-a twin brother, Luigi!
-____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ L ▓████

My-a best Dino-friend, Yoshi!
I didn't make these, :iconbowser14456: did.

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